This is taricorp.net, dumping grounds of the ideas, thoughts, and random musings of myself, Peter Marheine. The navigation links to the right list the site’s main categories:

  • Home - the main page, with listings of all the latest activity.

  • About - this page!

  • Projects - repository of various projects of mine, particularly hardware and software development.

  • Muse - the place for more meaningful articles and thoughts- as in the blog, but more complete.

  • Contact - a way to contact me, should you have no other way to do so.

This site

I strive to ensure that everything on the site is handled gracefully even in less-capable user agents such as elinks or w3m, most significantly by avoiding the use of client-side scripting (i.e., JavaScript) wherever possible, but also by including images only sparingly.


Mentioned above, I’m Peter Marheine. As of the fall of 2009, I am studying for a BS in Computer Engineering at Michigan Technological University, with a primary focus of embedded systems design and programming. Outside of my studies, I do a variety of technology-related things, mostly involving some sort of programming. The notable (and somewhat complete) ones can be found in the projects sections of this site.

At MTU, I am the current server administrator for the Linux/UNIX User’s Group, and am a member of the Blue Marble Security enterprise’s software development team.

My PGP public key is available on this site, at /pmarheine.asc (ID DF2157CD, fingerprint 7F62 ECC0 B2FE 8E57 4DAC E707 7DDD 3675 DF21 57CD, externally verifiable with this tweet).  A copy of my resumé, among other things, is available at me.taricorp.net.

Around the web

There are a number of other places I can be found around the web, usually going by the alias of ‘tari’ or some variant thereof. Some of the more notable places I can be found:

  • Some of my personal programs have repositories over on Bitbucket.

  • I lurk on some technology forums with a slant towards programming Texas Instruments graphing calculators (the platform which I got my start programming on). See Cemetech for the main one.

  • I maintain a personal presence on a number of other sites too, but the more interesting ones include Youtube and last.fm.  Many more can be found in the sidebar.

Other people

I know these people and have some interest in what they have to say:

Points of interest

Some of the places I pay attention to but don’t necessarily interact with in any tangible way:

  • ** Ars Technica ** - mostly tech-related news and the occasional opinion piece.

  • ** Boing Boing ** - wonderful things and the occasional bit of news.

  • ** Hack a Day ** - creating and tweaking (mostly) electronics.


I like having data on what people are looking for on the site and what’s useful, so I use self-hosted Piwik for analytics, which doesn’t share your visit information with parties that use it for potentially nefarious purposes.